VDOTel is now Sigma Telecom

Supercharge your Web/Video/Phone/Chat

Experience superb voice and video quality across our global multi-fabric backbone. Next Generation WiFi 6 PLUS Wireless Fiber to the home or business. All for a fair price. No Contracts, cancel anytime.

Connection Privacy

VDOTel services use Firewalls, Encryption and other security measures to ensure client privacy.

Real-Time Reporting

Access to view account activity in real time. Review and manage your network from anywhere. 

Business Services

Our Business Services are provided in the most secure and streamlined manner. Contact us today!

Full-scale protection from cyberthreats

Using our state-of-the-art Firewalls, Encryption, and Security Monitoring, your transactions are protected from prying eyes, Guaranteed.

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Years Experience

Business class services for everyone. No Business Required.

Don’t settle for lower class service for your residence or home. Our 100% uptime self healing network delivers business class services to the home or office at blazing fast speeds. Service speeds up to 2GB per second available now.

Keep your family safe while exploring the internet.

Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, and Anti-Headache. These are just a few things we guarantee.

Secure your business & transactions

Our state-of-the-art Firewalls, Encryption, and Security Monitoring makes sure your transactions are protected from prying eyes.

Connect to ultra-fast private servers

Never lose a match, or complain of buffering again. Speeds will blow your minds, no lag.

24/7 Customer Care

We're waiting for your call. Anytime.

Our team of sales and care representatives are ready to show you the best way to enjoy your services, or fix any hiccups you may experience… with a smile.

What we offer

Services shouldn't need to be in boxes or bundles.

We adapt to your every need with a custom service matrix at pricing you can respect.

Business Telephone Services

Wireline replacement Business Telephone for 1 or many extensions. Messaging too.

Wireless Systems Management

From Installation to Security Management, and everything in between.

Vulnerability Assessments

Protect your assets and network with proactive monitoring solutions.

Residential Phone and Video

Blazingly FAST Wireless Connection plus Video Services for the Next Generation.

Systems Engineering

Ready to launch your next big idea? Our Systems Engineers are ready to help.

Communications Applications

Why stop at just Voice!? Add Messaging, Mobile Apps, and Forms to your workflow.

In a world that moves at the speed of light

Your connection speed matters most in times of critical expectation. When seconds matter, trust us to deliver at lightning speeds.

Why Choose us

We're Experts at Data

With proven delivery speeds beating the competition, and a cloud driven 100% reliable fiber based self-healing backbone network, it’s no surprise the experts choose our Experts for their network and telecom needs.

Free Consultation

Our Expert Engineers are standing by to design and implement the network of your dreams. From hardware to software, there is no solution too complex to imagine.

Fast Installation and Provisioning

Our Certified Engineers are excited to begin fulfilling your orders. From initial contact to equipment turn up, there's no part of the journey we won't be there for.

Security on a Global scale

Don't worry, every bit and byte of your data is protected every moment of their journey, Whether that's around the corner or around the world.

24/7 Premium Support

Not just regular support open for long hours. Our support members are fully versed in every issue you may need to address, and any hour of the day. Even Holidays.

Need More Help?

Use our resources below for faster access to information and assistance.

Customer Service

Ready to ask our sales engineers all your burning questions? Great, we are too.

Ticket Support

Need a technical hand that can be handled by our ticketing system?

Knowledge Base

Our community resources can be helpful in a pinch. Or if your too bashful to call.